IMG_4816Motherhood is known to be one of the most beautiful hoods . It was 30th November 2013 when i gave birth to my tiny little man. Not just a child but a mother was also born that moment . Motherhood is a feeling beautiful beyond words.When I first held him I couldn’t believe i made him. With difficult pregnancy I understood how precious our life is .Our world changed the moment i held him and since then it has been all about him.Motherhood is a feeling above Love . Something which can only be felt and once you become a mother you change in profound ways.You change for Good , you change for better and you become  you.I never knew this kind of Love existed before i became one but it does and there’s nothing more beautiful than this Love.This journey of Motherhood is not easy , becoming a mother is one of the biggest transformations a woman goes through, it changes your identity but as they say you get paid in hugs and kisses so it’s worth it. Those sleepless nights , hour long cries, tired body, strech marks, hair fall, dark circles,hormonal changes, feeding problems are all part and parcel of this journey and in the end when we look at the little humans we made it’s all worth it.Motherhood has changed me in a lot of ways both physically and psychologically.Processed with VSCO with a5 preset-I now have a C-section mark on my body which reminds me everyday of the strength of a woman to bring life into this beautiful world.

-Motherhood has taught me to be patient because there is no other way to raise these little humans but patience though i have not yet mastered the skill but still trying.


-It has made me good at multitasking which I probably never was. From taking care of my little human, to work life , cooking and home we Mothers learn to manage it all like super woman

-Motherhood has made me non-judgmental. It was easy to pass judgements on someone’s way of parenting before I started sailing in the same boat as theirs. I respect each and every parent for doing what they are doing for their children because only a parent but no one else knows what is best for their child .

-After giving birth i have started living in Gratitude. I am so thankful for my child and even more thankful because I got him with difficulty. It was a phase of two- three months in my life which gave it more meaning and changed me deep within .Today i am thankful for everyone and everything life has blessed me with.


-Being a mother means keeping someone else above you always. Life is no more about me , it’s about him and it can never be about me again.

-I have learnt to Love unconditionally. A mother’s Love for her little piece of heart is above any Love in the world.

-My priorities after becoming a mother have changed, i now know who and what comes first. It’s like motherhood Matures you just in that one moment.


-Motherhood taught me importance of little things in life ask a mother about what that hot cup of tea means to her.

-It has made me more responsible. Earlier we used to live a carefree life eat whatever, sleep whenever but it’s no more the same and it can never be because there is this mini person who is looking up to me for everything. The example i set for him today he will become that person tomorrow so it’s my responsibility to set a good one.

-Motherhood  has taught me true definition of Empathy and forgiveness which i learn from my little man.He has taught me to Love unconditionally ,forgive quickly and to find happiness in little things in life.


-Motherhood has changed my perspective of looking at a lot things in life like i now believe that messy homes are happy homes because my boy is little for a little while and instead of stopping him i have learnt to stop myself.


Motherhood  is beautiful and it has made me a better person  , it made me what i am today though during the process i lost a bit of myself. It was 2 years after giving birth to Rayaan I realized that I was going through something and something not right. I would cry for hours, not sleep, not like anything around me and was failing to understand what was happening with me as my hormones were taking Over. Yes , that phase lasted for a very long time but i came out strong and now know how to get a hold of myself and not loose myself . I call it power of Motherhood. I knew i had to overcome this to take care my child for who i am everything , i am thankful to God for choosing us to be his parents.There is reason why they say God Couldn’t be present everywhere that’s why he made Mothers.


I am glad to be part of this blog train of 41 moms hosted by Pooja Kawatra of MumsandBabies and Thankful for wonderful tribe of Mothers i am connected with who are always empowering each other.


Next on the blog train of “How Motherhood Has Changed Me” is this Wonderful Mother Aesha Shah of about parent and kid.Aesha Shah is a mother, Blogger, Explorer, and a voracious reader. These are just some of the different facets of the enterprising force behind About Parent And Kid, a website she owns, which is designed for parents seeking to understand, enjoy, interact and address the challenges of parenthood at all stages thus making it an inclusive platform . Aesha started blogging journey with veteran mycity4kids. Aesha is also the Sub Editor at My Paper ,a children’s newspaper which aims at nurturing reading as a passion – something that she strongly advocate. Follow her and her blog to know more about her Parenting Journey at

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26 thoughts on “How Motherhood has changed me

  1. Motherhood is a feeling beyond Love! So rightly said Akanksha. Loved reading about your journey. Motherhood is daunting initially but the hugs & kisses make up for it.


  2. Lovely post Akanksha. And i so relate to what you said. Motherhood changes you in the blink of an eye. Your photos are so lovely too v


  3. I simply love all the pics you have here, it’s a heartfelt well written account on your motherhood journey and I teared up a little when you say lastly that god couldn’t be everywhere hence he made mothers, how true and profound. You are a fab mom.


  4. Heartfelt post on how motherhood has changed you. I too find myself in your post. that’s the power of your words. Also, I should mention your amazing photos spoke many stories too. Happy to join with on this blog train.


  5. Beautiful. You have explained motherhood in a very simple and honest manner. It doesn’t require anything fancy to cherish the days we get to spend with our kid. The feeling of motherhood has everything in it. Every moment is special. And as you said ‘ you become you’. It’s a new beginning..


  6. This is so beautifully expressed. You know even i feel that since i have become a mom,. i have become far more empathetic and non judgemental in nature. I have myself groen into a better person


  7. Oh yes, stretch marks – I have all those special good and bad marks, but that was what made me what I am now. As you say we become more responsible especially because of that one being that has come to this world through us. I have that feeling that god has given me a special responsibility and I need to get through it the right way – always


  8. This was such a beautiful post from the heart! You know I love reading your posts on Instagram and you present your journey as a mother in such a heart touching way. Reading this post seemed an extension of that and I feel I know the person behind the mother a little better! 🙂


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