How Motherhood has changed me

IMG_4816Motherhood is known to be one of the most beautiful hoods . It was 30th November 2013 when i gave birth to my tiny little man. Not just a child but a mother was also born that moment . Motherhood is a feeling beautiful beyond words.When I first held him I couldn’t believe i made him. With difficult pregnancy I understood how precious our life is .Our world changed the moment i held him and since then it has been all about him.Motherhood is a feeling above Love . Something which can only be felt and once you become a mother you change in profound ways.You change for Good , you change for better and you become  you.I never knew this kind of Love existed before i became one but it does and there’s nothing more beautiful than this Love.This journey of Motherhood is not easy , becoming a mother is one of the biggest transformations a woman goes through, it changes your identity but as they say you get paid in hugs and kisses so it’s worth it. Those sleepless nights , hour long cries, tired body, strech marks, hair fall, dark circles,hormonal changes, feeding problems are all part and parcel of this journey and in the end when we look at the little humans we made it’s all worth it.Motherhood has changed me in a lot of ways both physically and psychologically.Processed with VSCO with a5 preset-I now have a C-section mark on my body which reminds me everyday of the strength of a woman to bring life into this beautiful world.

-Motherhood has taught me to be patient because there is no other way to raise these little humans but patience though i have not yet mastered the skill but still trying.


-It has made me good at multitasking which I probably never was. From taking care of my little human, to work life , cooking and home we Mothers learn to manage it all like super woman

-Motherhood has made me non-judgmental. It was easy to pass judgements on someone’s way of parenting before I started sailing in the same boat as theirs. I respect each and every parent for doing what they are doing for their children because only a parent but no one else knows what is best for their child .

-After giving birth i have started living in Gratitude. I am so thankful for my child and even more thankful because I got him with difficulty. It was a phase of two- three months in my life which gave it more meaning and changed me deep within .Today i am thankful for everyone and everything life has blessed me with.


-Being a mother means keeping someone else above you always. Life is no more about me , it’s about him and it can never be about me again.

-I have learnt to Love unconditionally. A mother’s Love for her little piece of heart is above any Love in the world.

-My priorities after becoming a mother have changed, i now know who and what comes first. It’s like motherhood Matures you just in that one moment.


-Motherhood taught me importance of little things in life ask a mother about what that hot cup of tea means to her.

-It has made me more responsible. Earlier we used to live a carefree life eat whatever, sleep whenever but it’s no more the same and it can never be because there is this mini person who is looking up to me for everything. The example i set for him today he will become that person tomorrow so it’s my responsibility to set a good one.

-Motherhood  has taught me true definition of Empathy and forgiveness which i learn from my little man.He has taught me to Love unconditionally ,forgive quickly and to find happiness in little things in life.


-Motherhood has changed my perspective of looking at a lot things in life like i now believe that messy homes are happy homes because my boy is little for a little while and instead of stopping him i have learnt to stop myself.


Motherhood  is beautiful and it has made me a better person  , it made me what i am today though during the process i lost a bit of myself. It was 2 years after giving birth to Rayaan I realized that I was going through something and something not right. I would cry for hours, not sleep, not like anything around me and was failing to understand what was happening with me as my hormones were taking Over. Yes , that phase lasted for a very long time but i came out strong and now know how to get a hold of myself and not loose myself . I call it power of Motherhood. I knew i had to overcome this to take care my child for who i am everything , i am thankful to God for choosing us to be his parents.There is reason why they say God Couldn’t be present everywhere that’s why he made Mothers.


I am glad to be part of this blog train of 41 moms hosted by Pooja Kawatra of MumsandBabies and Thankful for wonderful tribe of Mothers i am connected with who are always empowering each other.


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20th Century Mom Vs 21st Century Mom

20th century mom vs 21st century mom

Am i 21st century Mom? Yes, but Motherhood is not decided by centuries , a Mother is a Mother 20th or 21st century. Her unconditional Love is just the same as it has been for ages.Motherhood is a beautiful Journey & it’s never been easy.The ways of mothering have changed a lot from our mothers time to ours. Mothers of this Generation go to an extent of doing everything for their little ones and still feel it’s never enough ,on the other hand 20th century mothers did their best too but they used to do what was necessary.That was relaxed & simple Parenting.
No parenting is bad or wrong  parenting but everyone’s way of parenting is different. Today we have a lot of resources which has made Motherhood easier than how it was for our Mothers( access to social media, lot of parenting resources, better access to healthcare facilities,appliances , microwaves, bottle sterilizers,diapers are just to name a few) but at the same time our generation mothers live under lot of social pressure all the time to prove that they are doing the best which ultimately results in mothers guilt because nobody is perfect & perfect motherhood is a very literal term because everyone’s definition & perspective of mothering is different.
20th century Moms vs 21st century Moms was chosen as Bloggers Marathon First week’s Topic and here are my views on it

-According to studies only 19% of the mothers in 20th century worked after giving birth as they were expected to take care of the baby & leave their jobs after giving birth because woman’s basic profession was considered to be Motherhood.Today 60% of  the mothers are working moms because they have a choice to choose their careers after giving birth if they wish to though it seems difficult to do it all together but mothers know how to manage & they don’t always have to give up their careers for raising their children.

-For 20th century Mothers parenting was about following their instincts more than following any rules or guidelines. Parenting earlier was very simple and more Natural .Feeding the child well, putting clean clothes, making sure they are sleeping  & eating well enough were few of the basic things our mothers used to worry about . Mothering Today is more about following Rules and Routine always . From limited screen time to not giving them candies at all,Never giving kids sweets before going to bed because that can result in sugar rush & make kids hyperactive , giving kids only organic food,No plastic bottles, engaging them into lot of extracurricular activities sometimes even more than a kid can do and much before the ideal age of starting them so they don’t lag behind anywhere, putting them to bed very early because the so called bedtime should be a rule.These are just to mention a few , Not saying that Giving a lot of sweets to children before bedtime is a good thing or going to bed late is just fine but modern mothers take things way too seriously .According to a recent research sugar rush is just a myth and sugar does not cause hyperactivity but we still follow what we see or see others do. 21st century mothers are under constant pressure infact we try and do more than best for our kids but we have a fear of being judged and for the same reason we try to impose it on our kids and make this routine part of our & their lives even if we don’t want to.We sometimes want them to go to bed late, we wish to share candies with them, we want to sometimes let them watch their favorite shows for long  but we don’t because if we do we  live in constant guilt of being a bad mother. For 21st century Motherhood & Guilt goes hand in hand.Its good to make a routine but it’s also good to sometimes break it & go easy on parenting not just for our kids but ourselves too. Modern Mothers don’t relax and don’t take parenting easy. Our parents also raised kids good enough with very simple parenting that today their kids The 21st century mothers are capable enough of taking good care of their little humans with so many other things altogether.

-Social media has its pros and cons. It’s a great resource as today it helps connect mothers all around the Globe. I am a 21st Century  Mother & it has helped me learn a lot from so many other moms i am connected to .Earlier in 20th century there was very limited or hardly any access to social Media.Most of the parenting was done by relying on first hand information by family, friends& relatives but these with having access to social media we mothers get a chance to understand and learn  more about everything we do for our kids.Our mothers were mostly contented and happy with the way they were Raising us even with limited access to resources at that time but these days with so much exposure  & advancement in technology which is indeed good for various reasons has its cons too.Some of us start questioning ourselves if we are doing this right or not, if this is what i should be doing for my child too? No one is doing it better than anyone but everyone is doing their best & this is what Motherhood is all about.Our Generation has access and ability to know about everything we use or do for our children. Yes knowledge is good but sometimes it’s good to know less and not worry about some of the things which we do.It’s about trusting your own self because no one knows what is good or bad for your child but YOU & only YOU .

-Most of the 20th century mothers never used to or i should say were never allowed to do any sort of preparations before arrival of the baby  .These days we start preparing way before arrival of our little ones.From nursery to their clothes we start planning it all. We don’t hold back our excitement of bringing these little humans to the world . Our generation of Mothers is not hesitant to say it loud and talk about their pregnancy.The difference here is the time our mothers was more conservative & they had their own ways of sharing their happiness .

-For 20th century Mothers nothing like pre pregnancy photoshoots existed because in those times pregnancy was not openly talked about but with the change of views and thanks to advancement in technology us 21st century mothers will  have a lot of baby bump photos as memories to cherish forever.

-For 20th century Mothers it was mostly about cloth diapering & we cannot imagine the sleepless nights they’ve had while raising us but these days our lives are easy because of baby diapers though i am sure we’lnall agree to how our Mothers hate seeing our little ones in those diapers because for them there is nothing more comfortable than cloth diapers.

-Talk to 20th century Mothers about pregnancy Fashion & you’l know it was all about dressing up to cover the bump .Earlier pregnancy Fashion was very reserved & expectant mothers were not meant to show their baby bump, though times have changed & pregnancy fashion has evolved. 21st century mothers flaunt their baby bump with confidence.

-Mothers of 20th century used to give and spend more time with their children than Modern Mothers though today Both the parents  try to equally contribute in their journey of parenting unlike before when it was mostly considered to be only mothers responsibility.

This journey of becoming a Mother is beautiful . Times have changed , pregnancy style has changed, ways of mothering has changed but what will never change is the essence & beauty of MOTHERHOOD.
Every Mother is a Hero , Every Mother is Beautiful ♥️

Do’s & dont’s while travelling with a toddler.

HELLO lovely parents.

As we all know travelling with kids is not easy and make us anxious everytime,i have penned down useful do’s & dont’s of travelling with kids based on my experience of travelling with my little one alone when he was two year 5 months old. Hope you all enjoy reading

▪️always make sure to carry their toys,reading books, coloring books or whatever you think will keep them busy
▪️make sure they get sound sleep a night before travel so you and your little one enjoy travelling.
▪️always keep your documents handy while traveling with toddlers so its easy for you to find them
▪️make sure to carry extra 2-3pair of clothes and something warm always
▪️Travel very light with kids specially when it comes to hand luggage.
▪️carry extra pair of t shirt or shirt for yourself too as its not just them who get dirty, these munckins might think of wiping their hands with your clothes the minute you are not paying attention
▪️Dress very comfortable mammas. If you are comfortable it will all be very easy
▪️always carry some snacks , their favorite ones so you don’t have to stop by and waste time when they are throwing a tantrum
▪️backpacks are most comfortable, you can easily carry your child along with them
▪️always carry 2-3 paper bags. You don’t know when you’l need them
▪️I don’t even need to mention how important hand sanitizer & wet wipes are.
▪️Always carry important medicines while traveling with kids, even if you think you might not need them.

▪️DO NOT choose flights with long layovers , i made a major mistake when I travelled with R alone for the first time. We had layover at dubai for almost 5 hours. Wrong Wrong decision
▪️Do Not let these munchkins jump around before you start your journey because as soon as you start they decide to sleep and tht’s it. R slept as soon as boarding started and I remember how difficult it was for me to carry him in one hand and hand luggage in the other.
▪️Do Not hesitate to ask for help while traveling. We are lucky enough to have lot of help at airports & railway station these days
▪️Do Not put your documents in the main handbag mums as you might find yourself in fix when on one side your toddler is throwing a tantrum and on the other you need to find your documents & as we all know nothing can be found easily in a woman’s bag😉
▪️Do Not leave packing for last minute. When traveling with kids we mums need to start packing&prepping few days before so we don’t miss on to anything.

These are my thoughts on basic & small list do’s & dont’s of travelling with our little humans.
Travelling alone is not easy but if we keep in mind these little things its not difficult either.
Hope you enjoyed reading mums&dads .i would love to know what are your thoughts on travelling with toddlers.